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ampersand capital dominates growth capital ranks globally for consecutive year 1955


Ampersand Capital Dominates Growth Capital Ranks Globally for Consecutive Year


Michael Chen

May 16, 2024 - 20:50 pm


Ampersand Capital Partners Achieves Top Global Ranking in Growth Capital Performance for Second Year Running

WELLESLEY, Mass., May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Ampersand Capital Partners has achieved a remarkable feat by securing the number one global ranking for growth capital private equity performance by HEC Paris-DowJones for the second successive year. An extensive analysis was conducted on the performance data of 106 Growth Capital firms. This analysis encompassed the 279 funds these firms raised during the period from 2010 to 2019, accumulating an impressive aggregate equity volume of $172 billion.

HEC Paris

The Pinnacle of Success in Private Equity

"We are honored to be ranked #1 for the second consecutive year by HEC Paris-DowJones as the top performer among growth capital firms worldwide," expressed Herb Hooper, the Managing Partner of Ampersand. He went on to attribute this recognition to the "experience and dedication of our investment team and our portfolio company management teams."

The accolade comes on the back of an in-depth investigative ranking process led by renowned Professor Oliver Gottschalg from the HEC Business School in Paris, in conjunction with Dow Jones. The evaluation took into account data from the private equity fund performance records provided by Preqin, as well as data reported directly to HEC Paris-DowJones. The results reveal not just the investment acumen of the firms but also the forward-thinking strategies deployed in managing such significant volumes of equity.

It's noteworthy to mention that Ampersand did not furnish any form of cash or non-cash compensation either directly or indirectly to attain or use this ranking. This endorsement stands as a testament to the organic excellence and robust performance of the firm, unfettered by any external incentivization. The disclaimer serves as an assurance that past performance and the ranking achieved are not indicative of future results, however startling or exemplary they may be.

For a detailed insight into the study and methodology, one can read the full report published by the HEC Paris-DowJones, here.

A Legacy of Healthcare Investment Excellence

Ampersand Capital Partners, founded in the year 1988, is not unfamiliar with the labyrinths of the middle-market private equity landscape. Boasting an asset management portfolio of $3 billion, the firm has diligently carved out a niche for itself with a specific focus on growth-oriented investments in the healthcare sector. With its twin operational bases in Boston, MA, and Amsterdam, Netherlands, Ampersand deploys its extensive blend of private equity knowledge coupled with practical operating experience. The firm's investment strategy is marked by a commitment to add value and drive optimal long-term performance in tandem with the management teams of its portfolio companies.

Cumulative years of dedication have seen Ampersand contribute significantly to the construction and leadership of a multitude of market-leading entities within the healthcare domain. Such an endeavor spans across various sectors under the firm's healthcare purview and is reflective of Ampersand's investment philosophy. The firm meticulously works alongside its portfolio companies, nurturing them through guidance, strategic investment, and the application of operational best practices gleaned from its vast experience over the decades.

Interested individuals and entities can glean additional information about Ampersand Capital Partners by visiting their official website at Moreover, the company also maintains a visible presence on LinkedIn, extending a bridge to the professional community that might wish to stay abreast of its developments or seek opportunities for collaboration or networking.

The Evaluative Process: Underpinning the Triumph

The ranking bestowed upon Ampersand is a result of meticulous analysis by HEC Paris-DowJones, which placed a rigorous lens on private equity fund performance. Their scrutiny was not contained to surface-level metrics but delved deeply into the nuanced aspects of fund performance. Aided by the research prowess of Professor Oliver Gottschalg, the process was designed to distinguish firms that have consistently demonstrated superior acumen and strategic foresight in growth capital investment.

The comprehensive nature of the evaluative process cannot be overstated; all the data, ranging from public records to proprietary databases such as Preqin, was harnessed to paint a definitive portrait of each firm's operational success. This, in turn, allows for a level-playing evaluation, holding firms to a standard of their peer's performance and ensuring a comparison upon equitable grounds.

Reaping Rewards of Diligent Stewardship

Ampersand's continuous recognition is not merely a happenstance but the culmination of calculated moves and incisive business strategies that focus on nurturing growth within the healthcare industry. This accomplishment echoes across its investment portfolio and plays a pivotal role in reinforcing the firm’s position as a visionary leader in an often tumultuous market environment. Through this lens, the performance ranking by HEC Paris-DowJones becomes more than a laurel; it is a hallmark of the systematic yet dynamic approach adopted by Ampersand.

The journey of Ampersand and similar firms is underscored by their ability to steer growth in a sector that is as critical as healthcare. This environment presents its unique challenges, from regulatory complexities to the constant need for innovation and responsiveness to public health demands. The navigation of this landscape through strategic growth capital investment stands as a testament to the adaptability and proficiency inherent to the leadership at Ampersand.

A Visionary Approach in Growth Capital Investment

The continuous success of Ampersand brings into focus the ever-evolving dynamics of the growth capital investment realm. Not bound by the traditional ties of large funds, these middle-market players like Ampersand are reshaping the approach to investment by focusing on specialization, operational efficacy, and market responsiveness. This has resulted in a more agile investment model that is as attractive to investors for its potential returns as it is for portfolio companies for the strategic partnership and value addition it promises.

In an industry that has been traditionally dominated by large funds, the ascent of firms such as Ampersand, which challenge conventional wisdom through their performance, indicates a broader shift. It signifies investors' recognition of the potential that lies within specialized, dedicated middle-market firms capable of delivering stellar performances. This redefined investment mantra underscores the importance of adaptability and strategic foresight – key tenets that have steered Ampersand towards its acclaimed global recognition.

An Enduring Commitment to Healthcare Sector Growth

The core of Ampersand's investment philosophy is deeply ingrained in the healthcare sector. This focus is not incidental but a deliberate choice, given the sector’s role as a critical driver of not just economic growth, but societal advancement. Through strategic investment in healthcare, Ampersand is essentially investing in the betterment of human lives, an ethos that is as noble as it is lucrative, from a business standpoint.

Cohesion between Ampersand's investment strategies and the intrinsic value-driven growth of their portfolio companies has demonstrated a clear synergy. This alignment has not only fueled the growth of Ampersand’s portfolio companies but has also contributed to the broader positive impact on healthcare delivery and innovation.

Looking Ahead: The Future Blueprints of Strategic Investment

The path ahead for Ampersand and similar growth-capital oriented firms is marked with opportunities as well as challenges. The ongoing technological disruptions, demographic shifts, and evolving healthcare needs are bound to shape the future landscape of investment strategies. Firms like Ampersand, equipped with the credentials of having topped performance rankings, are likely to approach these future trends with a mix of prudence and innovation.

Their investment blueprint is expected to be adaptive, incorporating fresh perspectives and seizing emerging opportunities that align with their rigorous investment criteria. The agility demonstrated in their past performances is anticipated to be the cornerstone of their strategies, as they continue to propel forward in their pursuit of excellence.

In conclusion, Ampersand Capital Partners' latest distinction is a formidable validation of its strategic approach and investment prowess. While the future holds new frontiers to explore and conquer, the company's trajectory indicates a continuing pattern of success. Its commitment to the healthcare sector and the proven symbiotic relationship with its portfolio companies position it well for anticipated future achievements and sustained industry leadership.

For more insights and updates on Ampersand Capital Partners, follow their LinkedIn page.

With the unwavering dedication of its team and the trust of its investors, the storyline of Ampersand interweaves growth with innovation, setting the stage for an even brighter future in the realm of private equity.

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