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Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. Unveils Comprehensive 2023 Financial Report


Michael Chen

March 28, 2024 - 20:45 pm


Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. Reports Detailed 2023 Financial Results

NAPERVILLE, Ill., March 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. (NYSE American: CVR), a renowned player in the rivet and specialty fastener industry, has declared its audited financial outcomes for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2023. The results highlight a year of significant financial activity for the company, contrasting last year's figures and setting the stage for strategic decisions moving forward.

Consolidated Results Overview

Presented with a precise and comprehensive array of financial data, the summary outlined key fiscal indicators that offer stakeholders a clear view of Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.'s financial health during the referenced year.

Operating Figures

A critical component of the reported outcomes, net sales, which serve as a barometer for the company's revenue-generating capabilities, were reported at $31,507,722 for the year 2023. When evaluated against the prior year's net sales of $33,646,033, a decrease is observed, pointing towards a shift in market dynamics, consumer behavior, or possibly internal operational factors that may have influenced the company's sales performance during that period.

Income and Losses

Income before income taxes is a crucial metric signifying the profitability of a company before governmental tax liabilities are accounted for. For 2023, Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. reported a loss before income taxes amounting to $5,729,012, a substantial deviation from 2022's income of $3,652,629. This marked downturn reflects a challenging fiscal year for the company, with pre-tax profitability taking a downturn, necessitating a deeper analysis into the cost structures and revenue streams that led to such a financial picture.

Net Income

Net income or loss, which represents the company's bottom-line profitability after all expenses and taxes have been deducted, stood at a loss of $4,401,584 for the year 2023. This figure starkly contrasts with the net income of $2,867,629 recorded in 2022, indicating a reversal of financial fortune that saw the company transitioning from a profitable position to a state of loss over the course of a year.

Earnings per Share

For shareholders, earnings per share (EPS) are a direct indication of the value they derive from their investment in the company. In this reported period, the company posted a net loss per common share of $4.56, a significant downturn when compared to the $2.97 earnings per share reported for 2022. This shows the extent of the impact of the year's losses on the worth accorded to each share of the company's stock.

Shares Count

The average number of common shares outstanding for both 2023 and 2022 held steady at 966,132. This stability in share count ensures that the reported earnings per share are comparable across both years, giving an undistorted view of the per-share profitability change from one year to the next.

In-Depth Look at the Fiscal Year's Performance

The financial summary succinctly encapsulates the ups and downs faced by Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. It is evident that the company encountered significant pressures that influenced its sales, and as a consequence, its profitability. Staring at a swing from profit to loss, the leadership will likely delve into strategic recalibrations and operational optimizations to correct the financial trajectory of the company.

In assessing the financials released, factors such as market competition, cost of raw materials, labor costs, and perhaps unanticipated disruptions could have converged to apply downward pressure on both the net sales and the income before taxes. Furthermore, the net income, taking a sharp decline year over year, prompts an examination of the tax implications and other extraneous expenses that could be optimized.

The earnings per share outcome for 2023 is a noticeable cause for concern for investors who seek returns on their investments. As a direct reflection of the company's profitability attributed to each share, the downturn suggests that shareholders could anticipate adjustments in the company's strategic approach to regain footing in the market and enhance shareholder value.

Meanwhile, the consistency in the count of average common shares outstanding assures that externalities such as stock dilution or buybacks did not significantly skew the financial per-share metrics. The company's steady hand in share management indicates a controlled approach amidst the broader financial fluctuations experienced during the fiscal period.

Forward-Looking Statements

Chicago Rivet & Machine Co., as it publicizes its financial outcomes, may also offer projections and expectations for future operational performance. These forward-looking statements are inherently uncertain as they depend on a multitude of factors, both within the company's control and subject to external economic, market, or regulatory influences. Stakeholders are encouraged to review these statements, understanding that actual future results may vary, sometimes materially, from these projections.

Accessing the Full Report

For those interested in a more granular examination of Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.'s financial year, complete details of the audited results are accessible through the company's official channels. Investors, analysts, and interested parties can extend their understanding of the company's financial position and strategic responses by engaging with the full array of fiscal data provided by the company.

The results can be viewed directly at Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.'s website or through reputable financial news and data outlets that carry the company's official press releases and financial reports.


To summarize, Chicago Rivet & Machine Co.'s financial results for the year 2023 paint a picture that denotes challenges within its operational and market environment. With net sales experiencing a downturn, a shift from income to loss before taxes, and a significant decline in net income, stakeholders are prompted to consider the critical avenues the company will need to explore to reinstate fiscal growth and stability. The company's commitment to providing a transparent and detailed financial report strengthens investor confidence, despite the less favorable metrics. As stakeholders digest these results, the anticipation grows for the strategic approaches the leadership will implement to steer the company back towards profitability and maintain its status as a significant entity in its industry.

For additional information, supporting documents, detailed financial tables, and inquiries, please visit the official Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. website or PRNewswire at Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. Financial Report.

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Additional Resources

For in-depth analysis, historical data, and a comparative perspective relative to previous years, historical reports of Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. can be found on financial databases and analytics platforms. These resources are invaluable for both short-term investors seeking to gauge the volatility of the market and for long-term stakeholders looking at the company's performance trends over time.

The comprehensive financial results of Chicago Rivet & Machine Co. for the year 2023 are indicative of the company’s challenges and potential areas for improvement. While the decrease in sales and shift to net losses have impacted its financial standing, the company’s transparent reporting and steady management of shares reflect a commitment to accountability and strategic recovery. With eyes now on the future, all market participants will be closely monitoring the initiatives taken by the company to navigate the competitive industry landscape and restore its financial health.