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Country Garden's Quest for Survival: Seeking State Aid Amid Debt Crisis


Lauren Miller

May 8, 2024 - 09:22 am


Country Garden Seeks State Aid Amid Rising Debts

In the midst of a liquidity crisis, Country Garden Holdings Co., a prominent Chinese property developer, has turned to a state-backed initiative for support in meeting its debt obligations. According to sources familiar with the discussions, the company is negotiating with China Bond Insurance Co. to secure guarantees for interest payments due on May 9. The payments, which total 65.95 million yuan ($9.1 million), hang in the balance as the real estate giant grapples with mounting financial pressures.

A Plea for State Support

Established by the Chinese authorities in 2022, the program providing guarantees on developer bonds serves as a lifeline for private developers struggling with cash flow challenges. Country Garden hopes to tap into this support to cover the interest due for two critical notes. This occasion marks a significant moment for the program as it would be the first instance where its effectiveness in avoiding payment defaults is put to the test.

The two securities in question, drawing scrutiny for their impending due payments, are tied to Country Garden’s essential onshore division, backed by China Bond Insurance guarantees. Featuring one bond valued at 900 million yuan with a 3.95% coupon set to mature in 2025, alongside another 800 million yuan bond at 3.8% due the same year, the payment status of these notes could have wide-reaching implications. Failure to remit payments by the stipulated date triggers a five-day working period, as highlighted in the bonds' prospectuses, post which default may ensue.

Rising Pressures on Chinese Developers

This recent financial strain sheds light on the broader issues plaguing China's real estate sector. Despite a wave of governmental interventions aimed to prop up the industry, developers like Country Garden continue to face the specter of financial distress. The developer's plight underscores a deepening crisis, as payment struggles even for comparatively modest interest amounts expose the sector's profound liquidity woes.

Neither Country Garden nor China Bond Insurance provided immediate responses when approached for commentary on these developments.

The Impact on Country Garden

As the one-time titan of Chinese real estate measured by sales figures, Country Garden has felt the brunt of the ongoing property downturn. The developer's interim results for 2023 unrevised, illustrate a burdensome debt load amounting to 1.36 trillion yuan. Consequently, the company has faced a series of financial setbacks, including defaults on offshore dollar notes and a liquidation petition by a creditor in a Hong Kong court. In a notable reprieve, however, Country Garden recently secured authorization to defer payments on three yuan-denominated bonds, thereby dodging a potential local default.

China Bond Insurance has emerged as a key player in the efforts to instill confidence back into the faltering real estate sector. Up until now, the state-owned institution has been instrumental in facilitating the issuance of at least 33 bonds through the guarantee program, amassing a total of 33.7 billion yuan, as per data compiled by Bloomberg.

The Bigger Picture

The case of Country Garden is emblematic of a broader crisis within China's property markets. Once a zealously pursued avenue for investment and development, the sector has experienced a dramatic reversal as companies face unprecedented liquidity strains. The push by the Chinese authorities to bolster the property market seems to be put to the test with Country Garden's latest financial challenges.

Market watchers are keenly observing the outcome of Country Garden's current predicament, which provides a crucial assessment for the government's strategy in rescuing ailing developers. The program's effectiveness in preventing defaults on guarantees is critical in sustaining confidence among investors and stakeholders within the real estate domain.

Awaiting Response

While the situation is of pressing concern to Country Garden and its creditors, the public awaits official remarks from the involved parties. Details regarding the outcomes of the discussions between Country Garden and China Bond Insurance remain scant as the deadline for the interest payment draws near. The resolution to this scenario will invariably serve as a critical benchmark for similar cases in the future.

The Role of China Bond Insurance

Playing a pivotal part in assuaging the fears of a jittery market, China Bond Insurance has taken up the mantle by offering guarantees that provide a safety net for investors. This assurance is now put to the test as Country Garden seeks to invoke these guarantees to satisfy its creditors. It offers a respite for the developer, badly in need of assistance amidst its sprawling financial obligations.

For more information on the intricate ties between Country Garden and the Chinese property situation, Bloomberg has put together an insightful analysis that readers can find here: How Country Garden Plays Into China’s Property Mess: QuickTake.

What the Future Holds

The unfolding events around Country Garden's financial troubles provide a window into the complexities of the property market in China. The government's initiatives, while offering some reprieve, are not sufficient to address the systemic issues. Country Garden’s next moves and the effectiveness of the bond guarantee program will be indicative of the sector's path toward stabilization or further turbulence.

Amid this pressing predicament, Country Garden's endeavor to stave off defaults by harnessing state-guaranteed securities remains a topic of significant contemplation in the real estate world. The developer's financial health and the efficacy of China’s safety nets for the property sector hang in the balance, and the outcome could forecast the trajectory of the real estate market's recovery.


This article has been composed with expert insights from Bloomberg journalists Emma Dong, Jackie Cai, and Shuiyu Jing, who have closely monitored the developments within China’s property sector and Country Garden's pressing challenges. The financial world eagerly anticipates the impact this scenario will have on market dynamics and investor sentiment in the troubled real estate landscape.


As Country Garden embarks on a quest for solvency amid an unforgiving economic climate, the Chinese government's support mechanisms are thrust into the limelight. With its enormous debt and dwindling sales, the developer's survival hinges on the state-backed bond insurance program's ability to shield it from imminent default. With the interest payment's deadline rapidly approaching, the outcome of this situation is poised to have lasting repercussions for the developer and China's broader property sector.

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