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denver tops national cannabis chart embracing the green surge 1955


Denver Tops National Cannabis Chart: Embracing the Green Surge


Lauren Miller

April 9, 2024 - 15:24 pm


Denver Reigns as America’s Top Cannabis Capital Once Again

In a notable shift witnessed within the cannabis industry, Denver has reclaimed its throne as the leading city for cannabis, outperforming Portland—a title it briefly relinquished in 2023. As of 2022, Denver takes pride in being the No. 1 weed city, showcasing the dynamic nature of cannabis culture and consumer preferences in the United States.

Americans Embrace Cannabis Over Alcohol

Reported on April 9, 2024, a groundbreaking study released by Real Estate Witch and Leafly, has illuminated the growing acceptance and preference for cannabis over alcohol. The study eloquently captures a national sentiment, revealing that an impressive 31% of American adults would rather indulge in cannabis use than consume alcohol if given a choice.

Shifting Perceptions and Legalization Support

This survey underscores a remarkable tolerance towards cannabis users; an overwhelming 74% of participants harbor no negative judgements against them. Furthermore, the study indicates a sizable portion of the American population, accounting for 62%, has personally experienced cannabis use.

In terms of legalization, support remains solid with over half of the surveyed respondents, 55% to be exact, backing complete legalization. However, in contrast, a slightly smaller segment, about 23%, stand in opposition to the idea, while a notable 22% have not yet made up their minds, indicating a space for ongoing conversations and potential shifts in public opinion.

The Midwest: An Unexpected Champion for Legalization

Defying the traditional perceptions of conservatism associated with the region, the Midwest has emerged as a proponent for cannabis legalization. This is evidenced by the fact that a majority, 61%, of the Midwest population supports legalization, despite many states within the region still maintaining stringent regulations on cannabis use.

America's Top Weed Cities Revealed

The report outlined the top weed cities in the nation, a list that saw Denver leading the pack, followed by Portland, and a series of other cities that round out the top ten, including Las Vegas, Buffalo, Baltimore, Phoenix, Seattle, Sacramento, Kansas City, and Providence.

Denver's status was underpinned by its significant number of dispensaries, boasting a notable ratio of 10.4 dispensaries per 100,000 residents, alongside a superior average customer rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on Leafly. The Mile High City also shines in terms of affordability, with the cost of an ounce of cannabis being a mere $242, positioning Denver as the fourth-most affordable city for cannabis when examined through the lens of the price-to-income ratio.

"It's no surprise to see Denver at the top of the best weed cities in America," commented Leafly Senior Editor David Downs. Denver is hailed for pioneering the legalization movement and has cultivated the most sophisticated and advanced cannabis economy globally. While every city flaunts a notable cannabis user population, not all cities capture the economic benefits arising from a licensed, taxed, and regulated legal cannabis framework," Downs elaborated.

The Flip Side: Cities Lagging Behind in Cannabis Accessibility

In an interesting contrast, the study also brings attention to the cities struggling in cannabis accessibility and affordability. The cities where cannabis is less accessible and more expensive, according to the study, include Louisville, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston, Birmingham, Nashville, Charlotte, Milwaukee, Memphis, and Indianapolis, with Louisville anchoring the list.

Louisville's challenges stem from its prohibitive legal status on cannabis and excessive pricing. Staggeringly high cannabis prices ($350 per ounce) combined with a sparse availability of dispensaries (a mere 0.1 per 100,000 residents) seal its ranking as the fourth-most expensive city for weed when considering the price-to-income ratio.

For those eager to dive deeper into the intricacies of the cannabis landscape in American cities, the full report can be accessed at the Real Estate Witch website.

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Unraveling Leafly's Role in Cannabis Discovery

Leafly stands at the vanguard of the cannabis discovery process. A name synonymous with the cannabis industry, Leafly equips millions of curious minds to explore the world of cannabis each year. With compelling tools and resources, shoppers are empowered to make informed decisions for their purchases, and cannabis businesses harness the opportunity to secure customer loyalty through targeted advertising and advanced technological solutions.

For further exploration or assistance, consumers and businesses alike can visit or download the user-friendly Leafly mobile app available via the Apple App Store or Google Play, establishing a new standard for accessible cannabis education and services.

Connecting with Clever Real Estate

For those wishing to connect or engage with the expertise offered by Clever Real Estate, spokesperson Kristen Herhold is available for contact at [email protected] or by phone at 720-341-9962. As the cannabis landscape continues to transform, the insights provided by industry experts like Herhold are invaluable in navigating the evolving market.

In sum, this insightful research from Real Estate Witch and Leafly offers a fascinating glimpse into the cannabis industry and its developing trends. Denver’s reascension to the top spot underlines the city's long-standing commitment to fostering a thriving cannabis culture and economy. Moreover, the contrasting experiences of cities like Louisville reflect the disparities within the nation's approach to cannabis regulation and access.

With Americans increasingly leaning towards cannabis for their recreational needs and the Midwestern states surprising many with their progressive stance, the momentum for nationwide legalization of cannabis is gaining undeniable traction. It seems the future direction of cannabis culture in America will continue to pivot on consumer preferences, legal advances, and the ongoing efforts of cities to balance regulation with accessibility and affordability.


This in-depth report is a pivotal resource for stakeholders across the cannabis spectrum—from businesses to consumers and policymakers. As the discourse around cannabis legalization gains complexity and nuance, studies like these not only inform but help shape the future of the cannabis industry in America. By delving into the factors that constitute the best and worst weed cities, and with expert commentary from industry veterans, this research provides clarity and direction for those navigating the vibrant and ever-changing cannabis landscape in the United States.

The acknowledgment of Denver as a leading cannabis hub and the identification of cities in need of policy reform serve as a compelling narrative of progress and challenge in America’s love affair with cannabis. One thing is clear: the conversation around cannabis is evolving, and with it, the cities and their residents who choose to embrace this green resurgence.

(Photo credit: SOURCE Real Estate Witch)