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Maximize Your Fiscal Fitness: The Money Edit Unveiled by First Horizon and The Home Edit


Lauren Miller

April 8, 2024 - 19:22 pm


Revolutionizing Financial Health: The Money Edit by First Horizon and The Home Edit

Transforming Finances into Flourishing Futures: Unveiling The Money Edit

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 8, 2024 — First Horizon Corporation (NYSE: FHN or "First Horizon") takes immense pride in announcing an enterprising collaboration with The Home Edit (THE), a lifestyle organizational brand celebrated for its novel approach in crafting visually appealing and well-ordered spaces. This groundbreaking alliance harmonizes the organizational prowess of The Home Edit with the financial acumen of First Horizon Bank, aiming to empower individuals to govern their financial organization adeptly. The initiative will be set in motion with the introduction of THE Money Edit, a meticulously designed digital resource, contrived to guide individuals toward the pinnacle of financial achievement.

Paula Beale, SVP Brand Strategy Director at First Horizon Bank, expressed her enthusiasm, "At First Horizon Bank, our perpetual quest is to devise innovative and motivating pathways that facilitate our clients to embrace financially robust lifestyles." She spoke on the partnership, emphasizing that Clea and Joanna, co-founders of The Home Edit, infuse their infectious best friend energy to make the subject matter both relatable and user-friendly. Beale anticipates that THE Money Edit will instill heightened confidence and control in people over their fiscal matters.

Financial Wellness at Your Fingertips with THE Money Edit

THE Money Edit emerges as a downloadable beacon of financial organization, enlightenment, and wellbeing. It ensures that participants are provided with a comprehensive framework to navigate and streamline their economic lives. Encompassed within the resource are five essential segments:

  1. A section titled How to Literally Organize Your Finances offers top-notch advice for creating a structured financial environment.
  2. The Ask your BFF (Best Financial Friend) segment presents an interactive Q&A platform with a skilled financial planner from First Horizon.
  3. In Rent or Buy? Oh My!, one can weigh the benefits and drawbacks of renting and buying in the current economic climate.
  4. The Money Tree provides prudent saving strategies that are apt for all ages and career phases.
  5. Lastly, What The Finance? simplifies the world of finance by providing a glossary of terms, demystified by The Home Edit’s unique touch.

To delve into this partnership further and to acquire THE Money Edit for personal use, please visit the online portal at The Home Edit (

Pillars of Prosperity: First Horizon's Ascent

First Horizon Corp., a prodigious regional financial services titan, boasts a formidable $81.7 billion in assets as of December 31, 2023. The Memphis, TN headquartered First Horizon Bank extends its reach across 12 Southern states in the U.S. The company, together with its subsidiaries, dispenses an expansive array of financial services encompassing commercial and private banking, consumer and small business banking services, wealth and trust management, retail brokerage, capital markets, fixed income, and mortgage banking solutions.

First Horizon's commitment transcends mere financial transactions. With a focus on unlocking potential through both capital and guidance, it has cemented its stature as a prime employer, recognized by prestigious publications like Fortune and Forbes magazines. Additionally, accolades like the Top 10 Most Reputable U.S. Bank underscore First Horizon’s ethos of excellence and trust. For more insights about the company’s transformative financial services and community engagements, interested parties are encouraged to visit

The Home Edit: A Testament to Transformational Organization

Founded in 2015 by innovators Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin, The Home Edit embarked on a mission to revolutionize traditional organizing by infusing it with design. The duo's visionary zeal catapulted The Home Edit into a global phenomenon, securing a dedicated following exceeding 8.5 million individuals and executing organized living in seven cities throughout the nation.

The Home Edit is synonymous with domestic harmony and chic efficiency, with a trio of *New York Times' bestselling books, acclaim from the Emmy-nominated Netflix series "Get Organized with The Home Edit", and a revered assortment of organizational products retailed in over 31 countries. In 2022, Hello Sunshine, a component of Candle Media, welcomed The Home Edit into its family, signaling a new epoch of organizational eminence.

Crafting Clarity: The Art of Financial Organization

In an era where financial literacy is paramount, First Horizon Bank and The Home Edit lead the charge in nurturing fiscal knowledge through their compelling program, THE Money Edit. By integrating the intuitive skills for personal space organization with the intricate realm of personal finances, they have constructed an accessible platform for individuals of all backgrounds to reclaim their financial sovereignty.

Let's take a closer look at the rich content found within THE Money Edit:

Organizing Your Wealth Like Your Wardrobe

Just as a cluttered closet can be overwhelming, so can disorganized finances. The section focused on organizing your finances presents a refreshing perspective, much like meticulously color-coordinating your attire. It offers strategies that are not only practical but also translate into a visually satisfying order, resonant with the philosophy of The Home Edit.

Conversations with Your Best Financial Friend

Seek advice from a financial expert akin to consulting a trusted friend. The interactive segment with a First Horizon financial planner is crafted to offer personalized, judicious counsel within a comfortable and understanding context. This exchange demystifies the complexities of financial planning and encourages open dialogue around money matters, personifying the proverbial 'Best Financial Friend' everyone wishes they had.

Navigating the Housing Labyrinth

In an ever-shifting market, deciding between the commitment of buying or the flexibility of renting can be daunting. THE Money Edit addresses this contemporary quandary by laying out the pros and cons associated with each option, enabling informed decision-making tailored to individual circumstances and long-term aspirations.

Savings: Cultivating Your Financial Growth

The Money Tree section is essentially a blueprint for cultivating a robust financial future, much like caring for a sapling. This segment of THE Money Edit is designed to resonate with viewers at any stage, offering timeless principles and age-specific strategies that entrust users with the tools to nurture and grow their savings.

Deciphering Financial Jargon

The world of finance is rife with terms that can baffle even the most astute minds. In keeping with The Home Edit's flair for simplification, the glossary segment, aptly titled What The Finance?, translates the lexicon of finance into comprehensible language, enabling each reader to become bilingual in the language of money.

Conclusion: Envisioning Financial Harmony

As First Horizon Corporation and The Home Edit unveil THE Money Edit, they conjure a vision of organized, knowledgeable, and flourishing financial futures for all. Through innovative resources, like the comprehensive segments within THE Money Edit, individuals are afforded the tools and wisdom to understand the nuances of personal finance.

This collaboration is more than a summation of expert advice; it embodies a commitment to financial empowerment, ensuring that financial proficiency and organization extend beyond the spreadsheets and into the day-to-day fabric of people’s lives. By propelling the conversation of financial organization forward and making the maze of personal finance manageable and intuitive, First Horizon and The Home Edit are pioneering a new chapter in the narrative of financial wellbeing and access.

In today’s financial landscape, initiatives such as THE Money Edit stand out as beacons of opportunity, paving the way for a more informed and confident approach to personal finance. The alliance between First Horizon and The Home Edit marks a transformative leap in how we perceive, approach, and ultimately realize our financial potential.

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