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pomerantz llp spearheads investigation into daqo new energy for alleged securities fraud 1955


Pomerantz LLP Spearheads Investigation into Daqo New Energy for Alleged Securities Fraud


Lauren Miller

March 27, 2024 - 23:53 pm


Pomerantz LLP Launches Investigation into Daqo New Energy Corp.

NEW YORK, March 27, 2024 – Renowned law firm Pomerantz LLP has announced an investigation into claims on behalf of the investors of Daqo New Energy Corp. (Daqo or the Company) (NYSE: DQ). Investors who have put their faith and finances into the company are being urged to contact Danielle Peyton at or reach out by phone at 646-581-9980, ext. 7980, to inquire about potential security fraud or illicit business activities carried out by the company's upper echelon.

The focal point of the inquiry is to determine if Daqo New Energy Corp., alongside certain officers and/or directors, has been involved in any acts of securities fraud or contravened lawful business practices. The context of these allegations has led to increased scrutiny of the company’s corporate governance and transparency.

For individuals who have invested in Daqo and are considering joining a class action lawsuit, further information can be obtained by following this link: Click here for information about joining the class action.

A significant corporate shuffle came to light on August 3, 2023, when Daqo announced that its Chairman and Founder, Guangfu Xu, would relinquish his position as Chairman of the Board with immediate effect. However, Xu would maintain his influence within the company as a director of the Board. Furthermore, it was simultaneously revealed that Longgen Zhang would be vacating his roles as Chief Executive Officer and as a director of Daqo for personal reasons.

The reaction to the news sent ripples through the market, triggering a tangible impact on Daqo's American depositary receipt (ADR) value. The announcement precipitated a 4.74% plummet in ADR price, which saw a steep decline of $1.71 per ADR, closing the day at $34.34 per ADR. The sell-off underscored the weight of uncertainty stemming from sudden leadership changes, reflecting investor concerns regarding the future trajectory and operational stability of the company.

Pomerantz LLP boasts a long-standing reputation, with offices strategically positioned in key global cities including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv. The firm's illustrious history stretches over 85 years, helmed initially by the late Abraham L. Pomerantz, a towering figure revered as the pioneer of securities class action. Pomerantz set a new precedent in seeking justice for victims of securities fraud and corporate wrongdoing, a crusade that the firm has valiantly continued to this day.

Under the Pomerantz banner, aggressive and diligent legal fights are waged for victims of securities fraud, breaches of fiduciary duty, and all manners of corporate misconduct. The firm's storied past is marked by a succession of substantial recoveries, amounting to billions in damages awards on behalf of aggrieved class members. All this and more contribute to Pomerantz's esteemed position as a premier law firm in the spheres of corporate, securities, and antitrust class litigation.

For those interested in the firm's services or in learning more about its track record, the Pomerantz LLP website provides a wealth of information regarding their practices and achievements in class action litigation. To delve into the firm's history and see the extent of their legal reach and victories, individuals can visit

Daqo’s Leadership Turmoil Raises Investor Concerns

The boardroom series of Daqo has left investors braced for uncertainty. As the sudden resignation of key figures like Guangfu Xu and Longgen Zhang took center stage, Pomerantz LLP took prompt measures to ensure that the interests of the investors are not undermined or left unaddressed. The shifting dynamics within Daqo’s leadership have become a source of conjecture and speculation in the financial world. It brings to attention how crucial steady governance is to investor confidence and a company’s market standing.

The Response from Financial Markets to Daqo's ADR

The valuation of market assets is a litmus test that reflects underlying investor sentiment. The fallout from Daqo's ADR highlights this principle vividly. In the wake of the leadership resignations, the decline in share value not only eroded the company's market capitalization but signaled a red flag to current and potential investors. This abrupt depreciation illustrates the heavy weight that news of internal turmoil can have on public companies.

Pomerantz LLP: A Pillar of Legal Advocacy

In this stirring context, Pomerantz LLP emerges not just as a litigator but as a bastion for investor rights and corporate accountability. The firm's aptitude for navigating complex securities litigation has been hardened by decades of precedent-setting cases and an unyielding commitment to upholding the principles of justice in the corporate realm. Prospective clients and the general public can acquaint themselves with the firm’s ethos and legal accomplishments through their aforementioned website.

Call to Action for Daqo Investors

Danielle Peyton stands at the forefront of the investigation, extending an invitation to any Daqo investor who has been affected by recent events to come forward. The approachability and responsiveness of Pomerantz LLP's contact points underscore their commitment to client advocacy and transparency. Prospective class members are urged to make use of the contact details provided to learn more about the implications of the investigation and the process to join the class action.

Legal Precedence and the Future of Corporate Conduct

While attorney advertising makes it clear that past results do not guarantee future outcomes, the record of Pomerantz LLP speaks volumes about its capability and determination in pursuing legal recompense for those wronged by corporate misdemeanors. With each case it tackles, Pomerantz LLP aims to not only secure justice for its clients but also to shape the landscape of corporate conduct and the expectation of transparency and integrity that comes with it.


As the investigation by Pomerantz LLP unfolds, the investor community and the public at large look on with keen interest. This probe into Daqo New Energy Corp. serves as a reminder of the ever-present need for rigorous oversight of corporate governance. For the law firm with a potent legacy in securities class action, this is more than a case – it is an affirmation of their century-old pledge to combat corporate malpractice and safeguard investor interests.

Any investors who have experienced financial detriment owing to the potential misconduct by Daqo's executives are encouraged to establish contact with Danielle Peyton. By doing so, they take an essential step in joining their peers in the search for accountability and reparations. Pomerantz LLP’s initiative is a testament to the firm’s enduring zeal and expertise in handling complex corporate legal battles, maintaining its stature as an institution that stands in defense of justice and equity in the financial world.

For further inquiries or to learn more about the potential class action lawsuit against Daqo New Energy Corp., Danielle Peyton is available at email provided or by phone, solidifying Pomerantz LLP's role as a conduit for investor protection and corporate responsibility.


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Notice: This article is for informational purposes and constitutes attorney advertising. Prior results achieved by Pomerantz LLP do not guarantee similar outcomes in other cases. ,176

As this news article provides an account of Pomerantz LLP’s investigative pursuit, all investors and interested parties are encouraged to remain apprised of the situation as details emerge. With the potential impact reaching far beyond the immediate stakeholders of Daqo New Energy Corp., the outcomes of this case could resonate within the wider sphere of corporate regulation and investor security legislation. ,233

Investors’ watchful eyes now turn to the unfolding legal narrative, as Pomerantz LLP endeavors to unravel the fabric of Daqo’s business conduct. In a saga that melds corporate governance with legal scrutiny, the crusade for justice led by a storied firm against alleged corporate improprieties reflects the ongoing battle for ethical business practices within global financial markets. ,282

In a climate where corporate accountability is ever more scrutinized, the investigation by Pomerantz LLP into Daqo New Energy Corp. may set a precedent for future legal actions and corporate behavior. Clients and the public alike are reminded that information can be sought out and participation in legal redress actions is facilitated by firms like Pomerantz – which remains steadfast in its role as protector of shareholder rights and advocate for lawful corporate conduct. ,345

For contact ease, direct inquiries can be addressed to Danielle Peyton via email at, or by reaching out through the phone number provided. This point of communication ensures that stakeholders remain informed and supported throughout the process of the investigation and any subsequent legal proceedings.


Encouraging investors to voice their grievances and seek reparation through the proper legal channels, Pomerantz LLP anchors itself in the vanguard of class action litigators. With its guiding light of legal advocacy and commitment to investor protection, we watch as the story of Daqo New Energy Corp. unfolds in a drama where financial markets meet jurisprudence head-on.