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revolutionary triple seltzer conquers the la high spirits awards 1955


Revolutionary Triple Seltzer Conquers the L.A. High Spirits Awards


Robert Tavares

April 1, 2024 - 15:56 pm


Triple Seltzer Triumphs with Top Honors at L.A. High Spirits Awards

MIAMI, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Amidst intense competition, Triple has emerged as a standout success, capturing the spotlight for the second consecutive year at the esteemed L.A. High Spirits Awards. Launched just this past January, the THC-infused seltzer has swiftly charmed the industry, clinching a gold and two silver medals for its alluring lime, grapefruit, and cherry lemon flavors.

The victory at the prestigious award ceremony, now in its second year, cements Triple's status as a premier brand within the THC-infused beverage domain. This competition has become the touchstone for excellence, bringing together the most innovative and high-quality offerings that this nascent industry has to offer.

In an exhilarating blind taste test, Triple distinguished itself from the pack, exhibiting the brand’s unwavering commitment to exceptional taste and a superior user experience. The debut of Triple's products onto the market was a watershed moment, conceived with the vision of infusing the convivial essence of THC within the cultural ritual of enjoying a seltzer.

The genesis of Triple is attributed to the entrepreneurial spirit of a pair of former college event producers, who were in their twenties when they devised a concept that would transform the festivities scene. Their innovation has yielded a drink that harmonizes with their lifestyle and resonates with their contemporaries, while prioritizing healthfulness at just 15-20 calories per serving, refusing to compromise on flavor.

A New Legacy in Beverage Excellence

The L.A. High Spirits Awards have rapidly gained traction for distinguishing exceptional candidates within the marketplace. Under the guidance of cannabis industry connoisseur Rachel Burkons, an acclaimed consultant, writer, and educator, a discerning panel of 19 experts meticulously evaluated a plethora of contenders before ultimately bestowing these accolades upon Triple.

The New Wave: Triple's Bubbly Infusion

Triple caters to the modern consumer's desire for an effervescent, THC-infused seltzer, offering all the enjoyment of a classic cocktail without the subsequent calorie count or morning-after regrets. The brand has been adroitly engineered to deliver a seamless buzz, sidestepping the adverse effects that are often associated with traditional cannabis consumption. Crafted with an optimal level of THC, Triple positions itself as a beverage suitable for any social event or relaxing home environment.

For further insight into Triple and its sparkling THC-infused selection, the public is invited to visit Triple's official website.

Engage with Triple's Team

Interested parties or those seeking additional details are encouraged to contact Annie Draper for further information.

Email: [email protected]

About Triple

Founded with the intent to revolutionize social gatherings, Triple is a new player in town that is quickly climbing the ranks. What sets this THC-infused seltzer apart is not just its tantalizing flavors, but its conscious calibration of THC content. Triple invites consumers to revel in the moment, whether it be to liven up a party or to savor some solitude.

A New Era for Social Spirits

Triple’s dedication to quality is evident in their industry success.

The innovation that Triple represents is a direct reflection of its creators' vision to merge the social buzz offered by THC with the conventional enjoyment of a cold seltzer. Triple is adeptly marketed to those seeking alternatives to mainstream social drinks, providing a low-calorie, health-conscious option that doesn’t skimp on the pleasure of a rich tasting experience. The recognition at the L.A. High Spirits Awards heralds Triple’s emergence as a trendsetter within the category.

Continued Excellence in Culinary Craftsmanship

The journey of Triple from an idea to an award-winning brand embodies the spirit of innovation that defines the current generation of beverage creators. With the High Spirits Awards as a testament to its quality and appeal, Triple has indeed made a statement that resonates across the industry, signifying that the finest flavors can be achieved without sacrificing wellness goals.

Triple’s recognition in the High Spirits Awards not only validates the brand’s dedication to quality but also signals towards a dynamic shift in the beverage marketplace. By setting a high standard for themselves, Triple has shown that a relative newcomer can command respect and acclaim amidst well-established competitors.

The flavors that Triple offers — lime, grapefruit, and cherry lemon — are not just pleasing to the palate, they are also a nod to the brand’s emphasis on innovation and consumer satisfaction. The creators of Triple have carefully honed these flavors, ensuring that they offer a refreshing and unique alternative to the saturated beverages market.

This feat is even more impressive considering Triple's brief tenure in the market. The business acumen and foresight of its young founders have allowed the brand to carve a niche for itself and stand out in a highly competitive industry.

The Judges Behind the Accolades

The esteemed panel of judges at the High Spirits Awards brings together the most notable minds within the spirits industry. Their combined expertise and selective palate ensure that the awarded accolades truly represent the pinnacle of beverage innovation and quality.

Reception and Accessibility of Triple

The continued enthusiasm surrounding Triple is a testament to the brand's ability to cater to the evolving tastes of the social beverage consumer. By offering a fresh take on THC enjoyment, Triple stands at the forefront of an industry poised for considerable growth and continued interest.

Forward-Looking Perspectives

As Triple continues to gain ground in the THC beverage sector, industry-watchers and consumers alike will be keen to observe how the brand expands its reach and continues to challenge traditional paradigms of social drinking.

Ensuring a Premiere Tasting Experience

At the core of Triple’s mission is an absolute dedication to flavor and user experience. The brand’s commitment to these principles is evident through their immediate recognition at authoritative competitions like the L.A. High Spirits Awards.

Given the rigorous standards of the competition and the blind taste test methodology, Triple’s success speaks volumes regarding the distinct and appealing taste profile its beverages offer.

The Founders' Vision and Execution

The founders' background in nightlife event production has translated into an innate understanding of what the modern consumer seeks in a social drink, driving the clever formulation and branding of Triple. This awareness has propelled the seltzer to the forefront of its category, earning a reputation for quality within an impressively short timeframe.

Vindication Through Victory

The awarding of a gold medal and two silvers is a clear vindication of Triple's balanced approach to creating a THC-infused beverage that is both enjoyable and health-conscious. As an industry accolade, it sends a powerful message about the brand's future potential and the evolving consumer preferences.

A Health-Conscious Approach to Social Beverages

A prime focus for Triple's creators was to maintain a low-calorie count without sacrificing the rich, aromatic flavors that define their product. This careful balance showcases their dedication to a consumer base that values health and wellness alongside social enjoyment.

Cultivating a Lifestyle

Triple's success is not just measured by accolades but also by its ability to integrate seamlessly into social settings as a drink of choice. Whether it’s party-goers or those looking for a casual, buzz-inducing seltzer at the end of the day, Triple has become synonymous with modern refreshment.

A Pioneering Product in a Developing Market

The cannabis beverage industry is still in its nascent stages, and the success of brands like Triple is paving the way for greater innovation and consumer acceptance. As the market expands, Triple's early triumphs will stand as a benchmark for others to aspire to.

Adding Depth to the Beverage Experience

Triple's variety of flavors is aimed at providing depth and choice to consumers, allowing them to select a beverage that not only satisfies their taste but also suits their calorie-conscious lifestyle. This commitment to variety and quality has been instrumental in the brand's swift ascent within the THC beverage landscape.

A Drink for All Occasions

The introduction of Triple has highlighted a growing trend for versatile THC-infused beverages that can be enjoyed across a variety of scenarios, from festive parties to tranquil nights in. This adaptability is another facet of Triple’s strategy to emerge as a top choice among discerning consumers.

Experts' Seal of Approval

The culmination of Rachel Burkons and the distinguished judging panel’s evaluation is more than a mere award; it is an endorsement of Triple's pursuit of excellence in the art of beverage crafting. The industry recognition establishes a platform upon which the brand can further its commitment to quality and innovation.

The profound impact of Triple’s recent accolades will undoubtedly resonate within the beverage community and among consumers, setting the stage for a continued rise in popularity and brand loyalty.

As Triple carves its path through the THC-infused beverage industry, its achievements not only represent the culmination of astute branding and product development but also a shift in consumer expectations and desires. The L.A. High Spirits Awards have highlighted Triple as a beacon of innovation, embodying the very essence of what it means to enjoy a sophisticated and socially engaging drinking experience without compromise.

Brand Communication and Support

Reinforcing the brand's commitment to consumers, Triple has streamlined its communications, promoting transparency and engagement. Anyone interested in learning more about their offerings is invited to explore further through available channels, ensuring a continuing dialogue between the brand and its enthusiastic clientele.


In a resounding expression of industry approval, Triple has cemented itself as the THC-infused seltzer of choice. With its low-calorie, high-flavor profile, and multiple award-winning tastes, the future looks effervescent for a brand that has quickly captivated the landscape and championed a new era in social beverages.