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Revolutionizing Private Equity: The SuperReturn CFO/COO Summit


Robert Tavares

March 28, 2024 - 18:59 pm


Navigating the Future of Private Equity: SuperReturn CFO/COO North America's Influential Convergence

CHICAGO, March 28, 2024 — As financial landscapes shift and technological advancements continuously reshape the industry, over 200 influential senior operations and finance leaders are congregating at the SuperReturn CFO/COO North America. Slated for May 6th and 7th, this paramount event will be held at the prestigious Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile. The event embraces the critical cornerstones of regulation, compliance reporting, risk management, artificial intelligence, and data applications in the private investment realm.

The well-curated agenda is set to present a series of keynote speeches and panel discussions by esteemed industry professionals covering the most pressing topics. The conference facilitates ample opportunities for networking, both in person and online, allowing attendees to engage and share insights with their peers and leading experts in the field, and to confront the challenges and prospects within private capital.

The remarkable event program has been meticulously designed to cultivate robust relationships within the private equity sector. Eleanor Halsey, Head of Production at Informa Connect, emphasizes the commitment to this mission. She details over 12 hours of diverse formats such as small group dialogues, interactive boardroom sessions, networking luncheons, and evening festivities that foster business development and longevity. To ensure productive interactions, participants are encouraged to utilize the SuperReturn CFO/COO North America app in advance for seamless messaging and to arrange meetings ahead of the event.

Educational Enhancements and Prestigious Panelists

Focusing on the educational aspect, the event boasts panels and sessions led by titans of the industry including executives from Thoma Bravo, TPG, Gryphon Investors, Warburg Pincus, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs Asset Management, MEMCO, Navitas Capital, Morgan Stanley Investment Management, and GreyLion Partners, to name a few. These discussions will delve into a myriad of strategic topics, providing new insights and vibrant perspectives from companies that are at the forefront of the financial sector.

Susan Sher, a venerable figure renowned for her role as Former Chief of Staff to First Lady Michelle Obama and first female Corporation Counsel for the City of Chicago, will enrich the event by delivering a special Keynote Address. Her speech promises to reveal compelling lessons derived from her White House tenure and discuss the essence of effective leadership amidst transformative eras.

The two-day program is comprehensive and addresses several key areas:

  • It scrutinizes the macro-economic outlook and geopolitical disarray that are currently disrupting the status quo.
  • Experts will dissect the SEC Private Funds Advisor Rules and highlight the critical priorities attendees should focus on.
  • A deep dive into 'The Unseen Risks' will illuminate the compliance blind spots that Tipper X exposes.
  • The integration of artificial intelligence within private equity, which harbors the potential to utterly transform the landscape, will be a focal point.
  • Discussions will explore the pioneering adopters of AI and how firms can optimize it to escalate operations.
  • To cap it off, strategies for implementing the preferential treatment rule will be discussed, providing practical examples and best-practice guidelines.

Moreover, SuperReturn CFO/COO North America is not only an educational assembly but also a platform for networking. Through a variety of formats, attendees have the chance to connect and engage in dialogues that could shape the future of their operations.

Shaping Technology and Compliance: Quickfire Showcase

The event's Quickfire Showcase punctuates the sessions with 10-minute demonstrations, displaying the best-in-class technological offerings. This segment allows companies to present their innovative solutions and products that could drive the industry forward.

About SuperReturn CFO/COO North America

SuperReturn CFO/COO North America stands as the premier forum in North America for C-suite leaders engaged in the spheres of private equity operations and compliance. Drawing in more than 200 dignitaries, including senior figures in operations, finance, compliance, risk, and technology, the event provides a collaborative venue that supports the exchange of ideas and strategies that pertain to private equity.

For those looking to explore further information, inquire about participation, or seek sponsorship opportunities, the event's organizers are readily accessible. For inquiries, interested parties are encouraged to reach out to Katy Donnison at +44(0) 20 8052 2091 or through [email protected] Your engagement with the event could be an elemental step in navigating the evolving tides of the private equity domain.

In sum, SuperReturn CFO/COO North America offers a critical congregation for industry leaders to discuss and shape the future of private equity operations and compliance. For more details, visit their page at

As the date approaches, the excitement surrounding the SuperReturn CFO/COO North America conference is palpable among industry professionals. It presents not just an occasion to gain knowledge, but also a nurturing ground for growing partnerships, crafting innovative strategies, and embracing the future with foresight and preparedness. The lineup of distinguished speakers, the breadth of topics, and the potential for collaboration make this event an unmissable opportunity for those at the helm of private equity.

The interplay of seasoned veterans and emerging leaders, under one roof, has the potential to catalyze significant advancement in private equity strategies and operations. As AI becomes increasingly integral and compliance regulations evolve, the conversations and connections forged at SuperReturn CFO/COO could pave the way for revolutionary approaches and new benchmarks in industry excellence.

The anticipation as May dawns is not only for the networking and the learning but for the serendipitous moments of insight that often accompany these high-caliber gatherings. With each passing year, SuperReturn CFO/COO North America continues to prove its value as an indispensable nexus for knowledge, innovation, and leadership in private equity. It remains to be seen what lasting impacts this year's event will have on participants and the industry, but the promise is undeniably there—of an environment that will inspire, challenge, and ultimately drive progress.

As the industry looks ahead, this event stands as a beacon for trailblazers in private equity operations and compliance, providing a platform where the forefront of industry evolution meets the vanguards of financial scholarship and executive excellence. With the collaborative spirit that typifies SuperReturn CFO/COO North America, the outcomes of this year's event are poised to influence the frameworks and methodologies of private equity for years to come.

Collectively, the distinguished speakers, participants, and organizers are converging at a pivotal moment, set to dive into the depths of current trends and emerging technologies, fortifying a shared vision for overcoming the hurdles of today's market dynamics. The legacy of this gathering will undoubtedly reverberate through the hallways of corporations across North America and beyond.

The culmination of expertise and the spirit of innovation at SuperReturn CFO/COO North America serve as a powerful testament to the commitment of industry leaders towards nurturing a resilient, adaptive, and forward-thinking private equity landscape. Those fortunate enough to attend will walk away not only with a greater understanding of the currents shaping their field but also with connections and insights that could very well redefine their approaches to leadership and operational efficacy.

The horizon for private equity remains boundless, and with the thought leadership that SuperReturn CFO/COO North America promises, the trajectory of the industry is positioned to ascend to unprecedented heights. Participants will leave fortified with the knowledge and networks essential to thriving amidst the multifaceted challenges of the modern financial ecosystem.

Gazing into the future from the vantage point of this eminent event, the possibilities seem endless. It is the melding of minds, the exchange of groundbreaking ideas, and the formation of lasting alliances that SuperReturn CFO/COO North America encapsulates—forming a legacy of enlightenment and advancement within the private equity community.

All eyes are set on this two-day event — a meeting ground for the like-minded, a forum for innovators, and a stage for leaders, poised on the cusp of reshaping the private equity industry. The narrative of SuperReturn CFO/COO North America continues to be written, chapter by chapter, as each annual gathering brings forth new insights and solidifies its role as the custodian of collaboration and change within private equity operations and compliance.

We eagerly await the discoveries and developments that will arise from this eminent convention, confident in the knowledge that the trails blazed at the SuperReturn CFO/COO North America event will illuminate the path forward for an entire industry.


With the assembly of such renowned intellects and industry architects, the SuperReturn CFO/COO North America beckons as the hallmark event of the year. It is here, amidst the grandeur of the Intercontinental Chicago Magnificent Mile, that the essence of pioneering private equity will be celebrated, analyzed, and propelled forward into a new era.