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stellus capital forecasts q1 2024 financial insights in upcoming earnings call 1955


Stellus Capital Forecasts Q1 2024 Financial Insights in Upcoming Earnings Call


Robert Tavares

May 3, 2024 - 22:05 pm


Stellus Capital to Announce First Quarter 2024 Financial Results and Host Earnings Conference

HOUSTON, May 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Stellus Capital Investment Corporation, identified by the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker SCM, is scheduled to disclose its financial outcome for the initial quarter which ended March 31, 2024, subsequent to the cessation of the stock market on Thursday, May 9, 2024. This anticipated release is set to offer stakeholders and the investing public a detailed glimpse into the company's performance at the start of the fiscal year.

In alignment with the financial results release, Stellus Capital Investment Corporation is set to successfully orchestrate an earnings conference call on Friday, May 10, 2024, at 11:00 AM Central Time. The conference call will feature insightful dialogues led by two of the company's top executives; Robert T. Ladd, the Chief Executive Officer, and W. Todd Huskinson who serves as the Chief Financial Officer, as well as the Chief Compliance Officer, Treasurer, and Secretary. Participants are eagerly looking forward to gaining insights from the discussion which promises a deep dive into the company's financial health and strategic orientations.

Conference Call Participation Details

Enthusiasts wishing to partake in the earnings call via phone should dial 888-506-0062 for domestic access and employ passcode 292372. In an attempt to facilitate a broad-based access post the scheduled live event, a replay feature will be made publicly accessible approximately two hours after the call’s conclusion. Interested parties looking to revisit the discussion can dial 877-481-4010 and utilize the passcode 50586 until Friday, May 24, 2024, to access the recorded material.

For those who prefer online platforms, a live webcast will be available, comprehensively hosted in the Public Company (SCIC) section of Stellus Capital's official webpage at, located under the 'Events' tab. In catering to users who may miss the live event, the corporation ensures an extended opportunity to access the recorded webcast which will be hosted on the site for an estimated duration of 90 days.

An Overview of Stellus Capital Investment Corporation

Stellus Capital Investment Corporation is an investment management entity that operates as an externally-managed, closed-end, non-diversified outfit. The company has conscientiously chosen to be regulated as a business development company under the auspices of the Investment Company Act of 1940. Stellus Capital's investment philosophy is anchored in their mission to optimize the total return to its shareholders, which encapsulates both current income and capital appreciation.

The primary focus of their investment strategy is placed on private middle-market entities, typically those boasting annual EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) figures that range from $5.0 million to $50.0 million. Stellus Capital shows a preference for engaging in transactions that involve first lien, second lien, unitranche, and mezzanine debt financing, accompanied by corresponding equity investments, underscoring the company's commitment to contributing to growing businesses while ensuring value accrual for its investors. This vigilant investment strategy is driven by Stellus Capital Management, LLC, the firm's distinguished investment adviser.

Forward-Looking Statements: A Cautionary Note

This press release encompasses “forward-looking statements” that deal with projections regarding future performance or financial health of the company. Such statements extend beyond historical facts and bring in speculations, expectations, presumptions—a complex blend of risks and uncertainties, which are subject to changes over time.

Stellus Capital Investment Corporation heartily cautions that actual results might significantly deviate from the anticipated outcomes of these forward-looking statements due to varying factors, many of which are outlined periodically in documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The company dutifully states that there is no obligation to revise any forward-looking statement presented herein, emphasizing that all forward-looking statements are relevant only as of the date they were made.

Investor Relations and Contact Information

Consistent with its commitment to maintain open communication channels with its shareholders and the broader investing community, Stellus Capital Investment Corporation has provided contact details for further inquiries. Those interested in engaging on a deeper level with the company's financial matters can reach out to W. Todd Huskinson, the Chief Financial Officer, at [email protected] or contact via phone at (713) 292-5414.

With its commitment to transparency and effective communication, Stellus Capital Investment Corporation continues to solidify its reputation within the investment management sphere. The upcoming financial results and subsequent conference call represent another substantial step towards keeping the stakeholders well-informed and aligned with the company's growth trajectory.

About Stellus Capital Management, LLC

Delving deeper into the company's operational dynamics, it is crucial to understand the central role played by Stellus Capital Management, LLC, which is entrusted with the management of Stellus Capital Investment Corporation's investment activities. The management firm harnesses its industry expertise and strategic acumen to carefully navigate the complex investment landscape, identifying and capitalizing on promising opportunities that align with the company’s investment objectives.

It is this meticulous and proactive approach undertaken by Stellus Capital Management, LLC that has underpinned the company's ability to yield returns that resonate with its overarching objective of maximizing total returns to stockholders in the form of current income and capital appreciation.


Stellus Capital Investment Corporation’s upcoming financial result release for Q1 2024 and the subsequent earnings conference call stand as significant events in the financial calendar of the company. These proceedings are not merely a formal disclosure of numbers but serve as a testament to Stellus Capital's earnest efforts to foster a culture of transparency and investor engagement. The forthcoming discussion led by the company's high-ranking officials is set to shed light on the strategic moves and financial well-being of the company, thereby potentially shaping stakeholder confidence and market perception.

The world of investment management is brimming with complexities and unpredictable shifts. Hence, entities like Stellus Capital Investment Corporation that back up operational decisions with data-driven insights, and forthright communication mark the essence of trustworthy corporate stewardship. While forward-looking statements bear inherent risks and a degree of uncertainty, the company's robust approach to managing these statements showcases a balance of optimism and prudence.


All information relating to the financial statements, conference call details, forward-looking statements, and contact references have been obtained directly from Stellus Capital Investment Corporation. To stay updated with the latest information and insightful analytics, visit and explore the extensive resources available under the Stellus Capital Investment Corporation link.

By sourcing information firsthand and engaging directly with the investing public, Stellus Capital underscores its dedication to corporate transparency—a value that is deeply woven into the company’s ethos. As the investment management arena continues to evolve, Stellus Capital’s adaptive strategies and consistent dissemination of information stand out as a beacon for investor relations excellence.


This news article has been prepared to inform the readers about Stellus Capital Investment Corporation's business activities and upcoming events. The content is based on materials provided by Stellus Capital and has been carefully curated to maintain the integrity of the information shared. We would like to extend our gratitude to Stellus Capital Investment Corporation for their continued efforts in delivering valuable insights to their stockholders and the investment community at large.

Stellus Capital Investment Corporation, its management team, and advisors are pioneers in their approach to investment stewardship. With the upcoming release of the first quarter financial results and the associated conference call, the company is prepared to offer an in-depth analysis of its current position and future projection. The investing community awaits these events with great anticipation, ready to gauge the performance and strategic direction of Stellus Capital Investment Corporation as it maneuvers through the dynamic financial landscape of 2024.

For more information about the conference call, financial results, and to access the replay of the call or the webcast, interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website or reach out directly via the provided contact information. The initiatives undertaken by Stellus Capital Investment Corporation to offer such resources exemplify its commitment to fostering robust communication with its valued shareholders and the larger community of investors.

With the transparent disclosure of the first quarter financial results and the detailed insights expected from the earnings conference call, Stellus Capital Investment Corporation is set to reinforce its standing as a dedicated player in the investment management sector. The systematic and articulate conveyance of information to its stakeholders epitomizes the company's resolve to maintain high standards of corporate governance and investor relations. The investment community looks forward to witnessing the outcomes of these endeavours and engaging with the content that has become synonymous with Stellus Capital's brand of financial communication.

Final Note

Stellus Capital Investment Corporation is poised to engage its stakeholders with transparency and clarity as it approaches the unveiling of its financial standing for the first quarter of 2024. As the date draws closer, the financial sphere watches with intent, poised to parse through the intricate details that will emerge from the conference call. This hallmark of industry stewardship reflects the resilience and proactive nature of Stellus Capital's approach towards investment management and stakeholder engagement.