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The Aurora Unveiled: A Spectacular Automotive Event in Scandinavia's Heart


Robert Tavares

March 28, 2024 - 07:46 am


The Aurora: Scandinavia's Grand Exhibition of Automotive Excellence

In the picturesque setting of Sweden's esteemed botanical gardens, an event poised to redefine Scandinavia's motoring reputation is taking shape. From July 5th to July 7th, 2024, The Aurora will present an unparalleled display of the globe's most distinguished vehicles, ranging from timeless classics to avant-garde hypercars, and set in the heart of Sweden's breathtaking beauty.

Ticket Availability for The Aurora

Enthusiasts wishing to witness this unprecedented event can secure their spots starting from 12:00 PM CET on March 28th, when tickets will go on sale to the public. This early announcement allows collectors and admirers alike to plan their pilgrimage to what promises to be a monumental weekend celebrating car culture.

A Showcase of Scandinavian Automotive Treasures

Scandinavia harbors a wealth of automotive marvels, from historic masterpieces to modern engineering feats. Filip Larsson, representing MOTIKON and a visionary in creating The Aurora, expresses his ambitions to host an elite lifestyle event that casts a spotlight on Scandinavia’s finest, paired with entertainment that carries on into the night. His mission is to deliver an event that will leave an indelible mark on attendees, elevating the Scandinavian contribution to the world's collector car stage.

Elite Sponsors and a Melting Pot of Motoring Eras

The Aurora takes pride in announcing its elite sponsors including BMW and Koenigsegg, the latter serving as the esteemed Hypercar Partner, with MOTIKON taking the helm as the Classic Car Partner. This collaboration foretells the event's magnetic pull, uniting venerable classics with the trailblazers of tomorrow. Attendees can anticipate a curated display of pre-war gems, the boom of the post-war 1950s' artifacts, and a surge of super- and hypercars that rattle the soul with their power.

An Immersive Automotive Experience

As the daylight hours span out before guests, so too will The Aurora's dynamic itinerary, designed to ensure an immersive encounter with every facet of automotive evolution. Two specialized segments, the Aurora Showfield and Aurora Concours, will juxtapose with future-focused segments like the Aurora Hypercar and Aurora Talks, crafting a multifaceted weekend of motoring splendor.

Prestigious Events and Program Highlights

  1. The Aurora Concours
    The convention will host an intricately curated exhibition, showcasing unseen Scandinavian automotive jewels and other notable vehicles, including hypercars across eras, meticulously chosen for their historical relevance and collector worth. A jury of experts will inspect these participating vehicles, awarding prizes to those that epitomize the zenith of restoration and original condition. Prospective entrants can apply at

  2. The Aurora Hypercar Experience
    This invitational event will see the gathering of the world's most technologically advanced performance vehicles in partnership with none other than Koenigsegg. Participants will not only indulge in the showcase at The Aurora but will also have the exclusive chance to visit the Koenigsegg's Gripen Atelier, meet the automotive maestro Christian von Koenigsegg himself, and test their driving mettle on the private test track. Coinciding with Koenigsegg's 30th anniversary, the event promises the broadest public display of what the megacar creator has to offer.

  3. The Aurora Showfield
    This segment ushers in an atmosphere where private collectors and purists can exhibit their cherished memorabilia. A vast assortment of venerated vintage and modern classics awaits, fostering an environment of camaraderie among attendees.

  4. The Aurora Talks
    Here, selected speakers will delve into discussions about the hypercar evolution, innovative vehicle technologies, the preservation of automotive heritage, and what lies on the horizon for car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Enchanting Venue: Sweden's Riviera

Set against the idyllic backdrop of the Swedish Riviera, the Aurora finds its home on the Bjärehalvön peninsula in southern Sweden. Known for the stunning Norrviken gardens and the quaint fishing village of Båstad, the location embraces its title with beautiful seaside dining and entertainment options. Conveniently accessible and just a stone’s throw away from international locales, Båstad entices with both charm and exclusivity.

Diverse Competition Categories

The Scandinavian Concours Committee has announced an array of competition classes for the event, including:

  • "A Drive Down Memory Lane" with automobiles ranging from the pre-1920s to the 1980s
  • "Scandinavian Sensibilities" highlighting cars with a unique connection to the region
  • "Muscle Mania" for Muscle and Pony Cars aficionados
  • "Pedal to the Metal" featuring vehicles with distinguished performance heritage
  • "Mini Moons Ago" celebrating 65 Years of Mini
  • "Buon Compleanno, Maserati" commemorating 110 Years of Maserati
  • "Spirit of Ecstasy" marking 120 Years of Rolls-Royce
  • "Sleeping Beauties" focusing on modern classics
  • "Pushing the Limits" showcasing hypercars from various eras

Each category is designed to evoke memories and emotions tied to the respective vehicles and their storied pasts.

Innovation and The Electrification of The Classics

The Aurora's commitment to heritage does not overshadow the event's forward-thinking perspective. Conversations will explore the electrification of classic cars, the potential of e-fuels and alternative propulsion systems, cutting-edge automotive technologies, and speculation on the future direction of the automotive realm.

Inaugural Debut and Invitation

The Aurora makes its debut from July 5th to 7th, opening its gates to enthusiasts worldwide for a weekend dedicated to the celebration of motoring history and innovation. This announcement marks the beginning of an annual tradition that will blend the allure of automotive elegance with the anticipation of technological advancements.

For more details, ticket purchases, and applications for the Concours and Showfield, visit The Aurora's official website and follow @theauroraconcours on Instagram for the latest updates.

Media Resources and Contact Information

For a glimpse into what The Aurora promises, media photos are accessible here. Furthermore, all inquiries are directed to Marcus Berggren, The Aurora's Head of PR and Communications. To delve deeper into the event's offerings and the press release in PDF format, please explore the following links:

Should you require further details, do not hesitate to reach out via the email Marcus Berggren:

This impactful concourse is brought forward by the joint efforts of Cision, and for additional coverage, visit For more on the partnership with BMW, Koenigsegg, and MOTIKON and the official announcement of The Aurora, refer to The Aurora Scandinavian Concours news release.

In summary, The Aurora is set to be a benchmark event that will not only highlight the rich automotive heritage and craftsmanship of Scandinavia but also stage a dialogue about the evolution of transport technologies. It offers a rare opportunity to witness a juxtaposition of historic milestones and modern-day wonders. With the enthusiastic backing of notable sponsors and the promise of a sophisticated experience melding history, culture, and innovations, The Aurora is preparing to welcome patrons to a weekend that celebrates more than just cars - it's a tribute to the artistry, precision, and passion that defines automotive excellence.

For those ready to immerse themselves in an event unlike any other, where the past, present, and future of automotive prestige are on full display, The Aurora beckons. This is where enthusiasts will gather not just to see, but to experience the legacy and the promise of the automobile – all set within the splendor of Scandinavia's enchanting riviera.

The Aurora awaits your presence. Secure your opportunity to be part of an unforgettable sojourn into the heart of motoring marvels. Join the global community of collectors, enthusiasts, and innovators this summer in Båstad, where automotive dreams are not just displayed, but are celebrated and revered.

Connect with The Aurora

As the date for The Aurora draws near, its promise of nobility and grandeur in automotive showcasing is palpable. With the world watching, it extends an open invitation to all who share a remembrance for yesteryear's engineering marvels and an eagerness for tomorrow's automotive advancements. Come, witness the celebration of an era, the veneration of innovation, and the debut of what is destined to become a historic event in the annals of car culture.

Do not miss the chance to be a part of an event that will be spoken about for generations to come. Immerse yourself in the opulence of The Aurora - a concours that will indeed illuminate the automotive world with its embrace of tradition and its gaze set firmly towards the future.

Join the movement. Be a part of the history. The Aurora opens its doors to the world on July 5th, 2024. We look forward to seeing you in Båstad, where the pages of automotive history and the scripts of future endeavors are scripted side by side, under the watchful eyes of those who appreciate them the most.

The Aurora Scandinavian Concours invites you to step into an event that is a culmination of passion, heritage, and foresight. This is more than just a car show; it's an experience, a journey through time, and a celebration of an enduring love affair with the automobile. Mark your calendars and ready your enthusiasm for what is sure to be the highlight of the 2024 automotive event calendar.