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us ipo market begins to steady after five week financial surge 1955


US IPO Market Begins to Steady After Five-Week Financial Surge


Robert Tavares

May 13, 2024 - 19:58 pm


US IPO Market Cools Down After Five-Week Hot Streak

After a strong run of five weeks with over $1 billion generated, the United States IPO (Initial Public Offering) scene is set to experience a subdued phase. The trend had seen a robust period with consistent lucrative offerings, culminating with the $441 million IPO by the electric vehicle company, Zeekr Intelligent Technology Holding Ltd. This succession of prosperous weeks was the longest since a similar streak nearly three years ago, illustrating a resurgence in the US IPO market after a couple of years marked by lackluster activity.

The recent performance of the IPO market signals a significant turnaround. Top figures in the industry, such as David Solomon, CEO of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., and Lynn Martin, President of the New York Stock Exchange, have conveyed their positive outlook on the uptick in listing activities. Nonetheless, they anticipate that the inflow of new listings will maintain consistency rather than flood the market, extending through the end of 2024.

"I don't think this summer is going to be gangbusters busy, but there are going to be a few offerings that will serve as important barometers for the health of the IPO market," commented Paul Abrahimzadeh, co-head of equity capital markets for North America at Citigroup Inc.

The fundraising tally on US exchanges was at a modest $1.03 billion last week, marking the lowest since April's outset. The IPO calendar is shaped by various external elements, including the necessity for companies that had previously filed applications to update their financial statements with the latest figures.

"We had a little bit of a lull, but that just coincides with corporate earnings windows and financial statement staleness," explained John Kolz, head of US equity capital markets at the Royal Bank of Canada.

A notable upcoming public debut is the Games Global Ltd. offering, expected to generate up to $275.5 million. The pricing is scheduled for Monday, with the listing set to occur the following day.

Receptive Environment Amid Favoured Conditions

The US IPO market has raised $7.2 billion thus far in this quarter; this is 25% more than what was raised in the corresponding period last year. Thanks to a positive reception from investors, the atmosphere for companies contemplating going public is the most inviting it has been for many months.

Out of the 32 IPOs priced this quarter, five surpassed the initially announced share offering, and three were priced higher than their marketed ranges. On average, shares of these newly public companies saw a 17.5% increase post-listing.

"This most recent wave is a very positive indicator," said RBC's Kolz. "Investors showed up and followed through in the after-market. That gives us a lot of confidence to go out and advise our clients that the IPO market is a very viable path right now."

The second quarter is likely to represent the longest IPO window of the year due to the absence of public and school holidays, as well as the US presidential election that could influence the IPO schedule.

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A Parade of High-Value Public Debutants

Lineage Logistics, a giant in temperature-controlled storage and logistics, is looking towards a valuation exceeding $30 billion. It stands at the forefront of a slew of private companies poised to go public in the remaining part of the quarter, according to sources in the know. Likewise, Vista Equity Partners-backed enterprise Solera, specializing in automotive data and software services, is aiming for an IPO as early as July, as reported by Bloomberg News citing people familiar with the matter.

"The September IPO window could see significant activity, especially from private equity-backed technology firms, straddling both service and software sectors," said Citigroup's Abrahimzadeh. He further hinted at the possibility of high-growth unicorns, who have up until now been patient, targeting the final IPO opportunity between Thanksgiving and year-end, contingent on the market's performance following the presidential election.

As we navigate through the fluctuations of the US IPO market, keeping an eye on these developments will be crucial for investors and companies alike. Whether the rest of the year will maintain the momentum or slow down remains to be seen, but the current outlook suggests a cautiously optimistic future for public offerings.

For further information and assistance regarding this matter, Bloomberg's Bailey Lipschultz contributed to the report.

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