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us news launches prestigious 2024 money awards highlighting top financial performers 1955


U.S. News Launches Prestigious 2024 Money Awards Highlighting Top Financial Performers


Lauren Miller

April 8, 2024 - 04:01 am


U.S. News Unveils Highly Anticipated 2024 Money Awards

WASHINGTON, April 8, 2024 – In an era marked by economic uncertainties and evolving financial landscapes, U.S. News & World Report, a leader in rankings and guidance for consumers, today launched its maiden Money Awards. Accolades were distributed in 38 distinct categories, acknowledging those who excelled in a field characterized by ever-changing rates.

Rocket Mortgage has emerged as the 2024 Editors' Choice Award recipient for Best Mortgage Lender for Changing Rates. The company distinguished itself by demonstrating exceptional eligibility criteria and superior customer service. These achievements have positioned Rocket Mortgage at the forefront of lenders adept at adapting to a precarious rate environment.

According to a March 2024 survey by U.S. News, mortgage rates weigh heavily on homebuyers' minds, with a significant 67% indicating a readiness to purchase homes only if the rates dip this year. In light of this, Erika Giovanetti, an esteemed loans expert and writer at U.S. News, emphasizes the vital role of finding mortgage lenders capable of withstanding such fluctuating times. He singles out Rocket Mortgage, applauding its wide array of loan choices, including an extended rate lock program featuring a float-down option and loans with customizable terms designed to help consumers better maneuver through shifting interest rates.

U.S. News expertly amalgamated its prior awards for Credit Cards, Banking, Investing Platforms, and Lender Awards to establish a singular, more comprehensive Money Awards program. Giovanetti touched on the gravity of the economic situation, pointing out that despite a rising cost of living, wages for many remain stagnant. The 2024 Money Awards, therefore, aspire to not just extol outstanding institutions but also offer insights which assist consumers in finding financial institutions that support their unique requirements and fiscal goals.

For a detailed rundown of the winners across all categories in the U.S. News Money Awards, please find the full list here.

2024 U.S. News Money Award Winners


The banking industry plays a vital role in personal finance. As such, U.S. News has recognized a few standout institutions for 2024, which the eminent Giovanetti elaborates on.

Editors' Choice: Best For Saving Money:
In the banking category, Upgrade Rewards Checking Plus emerged as this year's Editors' Choice for Best for Saving Money, closely followed by other significant awards:

Annual Savings Awards:
UFB Direct High Yield Savings was crowned for its attractive high-interest savings account, encouraging wise financial growth.

Annual Checking Awards:
For checking accounts, E-Trade Max-Rate Checking was felicitated for offering competitive rates, making it a top choice for consumers.

The complete list of victors in the banking segment is accessible here.

Credit Cards

Credit cards form the backbone of consumer credit and spending; the awards in this category serve as a guiding light for thoughtful credit building.

Editors' Choice: Best Credit Card to Improve Your Financial Health:
U.S. News crowned Chase Slate Edge℠ as the Editors' Choice, favoring those seeking to bolster their financial standing.

Balance Transfer:
The Bank of America® Customized Cash Rewards credit card clinched the top spot in the balance transfer category, winning acclaim for its flexibility and rewards.

Frequent travelers found their match made in financial heaven with the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, an all-rounder in travel credit cards.

A comprehensive list of the credit card award recipients is available here.

Investing Platforms

With investment being a cornerstone of wealth accumulation, U.S. News commended platforms that established benchmarks for excellence and innovation.

Editors' Choice: Best For Investment Planning:
Fidelity stood out for its commendable offerings in Investment Planning.

Annual Investing Platform Award:
Industry titan Charles Schwab was awarded for showcasing stellar overall service in the world of investment platforms.

The full array of honorees in investing platform sphere can be perused here.


Editors' Choice: Best Mortgage Lender for Changing Rates: For its remarkable adaptability in a volatile market, Rocket Mortgage was again mentioned as the top lender for changing rate environments.

Editors' Choice: Best Student Loan Lender for Flexible Repayment:
Ascent Funding was celebrated for its flexible repayment options catering to student borrowers.

Editors' Choice: Best Lender for Paying Down Credit Cards: SoFi snagged the award for the best lender to help in paying down credit cards, enhancing debt management strategies for consumers.

The entire set of accolades for lenders is detailed here, with comprehensive breakdowns for mortgages, student loans, and personal loans.

U.S. News meticulously selected the winners through rigorous, data-driven methodologies that spanned several relevant banking factors; these included annual percentage yield, ATM availability, customer complaints, and more. For credit cards, aspects like the overall issuer satisfaction rating, APR, rewards earning process, and more were taken into account. The evaluations for investing platforms centered on usability, product and account offerings, customer support, research and tools, and fees. In the lender space, benchmarks like affordability, eligibility, and customer service were paramount in determining the award recipients.

For those keen on understanding the intricate selection process behind the awards, U.S. News has made available their methodologies for Banking, Credit Cards, Investing Platforms, and Lenders.

Moreover, U.S. News has become a totem of advice and in-depth coverage on personal finance, investing, and loans to ensure consumers make the best decisions for their financial future. Consumers now have a reliable resource to consult on subjects like banking, credit cards, and loans, among many other topics.

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The financial landscape is more dynamic and complex than ever before, and with these comprehensive and exhaustive evaluations, U.S. News & World Report ushers in the 2024 U.S. News Money Awards as a new cornerstone of clarity. These awards and the assessment methodologies behind them reflect the commitment to accuracy, dependability, and foresight that both everyday consumers and financial mavens can depend upon. The pursuit of excellence in the financial sector is a journey that never ceases—and U.S. News & World Report continues to serve as a steadfast companion and navigator for professionals and the public at large.

Maintaining financial health is a primary concern for many households, and the institutions awarded the 2024 U.S. News Money Awards have demonstrated their capabilities and unwavering dedication to serving customers in ways that truly matter. These distinguished honorees exhibit a level of excellence and ethical standards that consumers can trust and rely upon.

Incorporating the feedback of the masses and the analyses of industry experts, the methodology and categories of the Awards were painstakingly curated to reflect the contemporary financial panorama. This ensures that the awards shed light on the lenders, banks, credit cards, and investment platforms that not only lead in performance metrics but also in addressing consumer needs and industry trends.

As economists and financial analysts speculate on future rate movements and fiscal policies, U.S. News & World Report remains at the vanguard, providing dependable rankings and thorough assessments of financial institutions. These aforementioned winners, as shown through the 2024 U.S. News Money Awards, have not only stood the test of current conditions but also exhibit the promise to navigate through future financial ebbs and flows, helping consumers to achieve their monetary aspirations.

In an unpredictable world, professional advice, strategic guidance, and a deep understanding of the financial landscape can make a world of difference. The annual U.S. News Money Awards, with its contributors, researchers, and advisers, aim not just to inform but to shape the financial futures of its audience for the better, creating an invaluable resource for anyone looking to optimize their financial trajectories.

The U.S. News Money Awards for the year 2024 represent a convergence of financial prowess, consumer responsiveness, and strategic industry positioning. As we navigate through the waters of uncertain economies and fluctuating markets, initiatives like these awards serve as lighthouses, providing direction and reassurance to those sailing towards financial security and success.

In the spirit of providing comprehensive financial insights and aiding in important decision making, U.S. News & World Report proudly acknowledges the exceptional contributions of these institutions. Their continued dedication and service are instrumental in enhancing the economic well-being of communities and advancing the financial industry as a whole.

Consumers and industry professionals alike look forward to future iterations of the U.S. News Money Awards, as they continue to define and recognize the benchmarks of financial excellence year after year. In the midst of economic fluctuations and fiscal challenges, these awards stand as a testament to innovation, resilience, and unwavering commitment to quality.